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App SQAS cleaning stations
Even today multiple accidents happen whilst cleaning tanks. Most of them concern burning injuries caused by hot rinsing water. Do you want to increase safety (or food safety) in your tank cleaning station? We offer a complete inspection system. We support you to show compliance to authorities / SQAS assessors and enable you to act on deviations before you are fined or recalls/accidents occur. We provide an effective digital inspection system. Our Inspection-App is very easy to use and efficient for your users. You will save time and money in the processing of inspection results, managing non-conformities and periodic analyses.

Download the App and start your cleaning lane inspection

  • Behaviour Based Safety tankcleaning operator
  • Behaviour Based Safety container depot operator
  • Workplace inspection cleaning bay
  • Food Bay hygiene inspection
  • Maintenance Cleaning Bay
  • And of course, your own custom made checklists

All our inspections with the Easy to Inspect App

NTC Tank Cleaning B.V. uses Easy to Inspect for safety-, hygiene-, & security inspections and periodic maintenance checks.

Inspection App with photo function inspection form App
iOS inspection app Android inspection app

Use our App for all your safety and hygiene inspections