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You struggle with the administrative burden of manual checklists, iretrievable checklists, manual scanning, cumbersome tallying when analysing. All that can be resolved by Easy to Inspect. And much more. With Easy to Inspect you can assign actions, monitor progress, create analyses, export results etc.

We provide an (cost-)effective tool, that will save you lots of time and money in the processing of your inspection results.

Download the App and start today with your safety inspections

  • Work permit
  • Workplace inspection chemical industry
  • Liquid bulk loading (toploading)
  • Behaviour Based Safety general checklist
  • Dangerous goods transport vehicle check
  • And of course your own custom made checklists

SEVESO checked with the inspection App of Easy to Inspect

Exemplary is the reaction of our customer Europoort Tank Terminal: 'Standard packages can all be about 80% of what I want. Easy to Inspect is no exception. But it is an excellent and very affordable alternative. We use Easy to Inspect for technical inspections regarding our Seveso requirements.'

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A complete system for safety inspections