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Do you recognise this?

Inspections result in an administrative burden - Uncontrolled checklists in Word and Excel - No central inspection report archive - No clear inspection reports - No proper follow-up of defects found - No feedback on actions taken - Cumbersome analyses - No management information!

Simply solve this with Easy to Inspect

Save time and money! Increase the efficiency of inspections! Analyse quicker and better management information!

Easy to Inspect makes inspections, checks and audits easy. Check directly on location with our app. Receive the report by email. Analyse periodically all reports from our database. Determine frequent problem areas. Monitor the follow up on nonconformities via our website.

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  • Check


    Carry out your inspection with our App or fill in the inspection results via the website. Add comments and photo's in the report immediately. Even without internet connection, our App works.

    Start now with our predefined checklists or create your own 'custom made' checklists.


  • Report


    Publish your inspection results with a clear inspection report. You can immediately share the report with your colleagues.

    Appoint action takers to the non conformities found during your inspection after completing the inspection. Monitor the completion of the actions.

  • Analyze


    Create  a complete analysis of your inspection results with just one push on the button. Obtain an insight in scores per checklist, section or inspection item for all, multiple or just one inspector(s). Determine regular occurring problem areas and causes. Apply the filters that you created such as sites, departments, customers etc.

One version with affordable prices, clear and simple

Easy to Inspect does not work with extra costs for extra modules. It has no restrictions. All features are included in all plans. Your plan is only depending on the number of users!


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To make Easy to Inspect accessible to smaller companies, the single user plan is already very affordable!

€ 59,-- per year

You would like to inspect with more users? That's possible. Provide the user rights to your needs!

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Start our free 30-days trial today and try all features free of charge!

All features are available, try it with a maximum of 5 persons. During your trial period, just subscribe to a plan at any time.

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Easy to Inspect in practice!

Use our App to conduct an inspection on location with your smartphone or tablet (AndroidTM devices, iPhoneTM, iPadTM and iPodTM). Take photos during the inspection, add comments and identify causes.

If you prefer to conduct the inspection on paper and work up the results at the office later on, that is also possible! Print a checklist beforehand and enter the results in the Easytoinspect website after the inspection.

You can share the app with your colleagues and send the inspections to the database.

All inspection results are stored in our secure database. The privacy of your inspection results is guaranteed. Our servers are located in an ISO 27001 certified data centre in Europe. We only use modern server hardware from internationally renowned companies.


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Create your own Checklists!

With Easytoinspect you can do more than just use our pre defined checklists; you can also create your own 'custom made' checklists.

Copy an existing Easy to Inspect checklist or copy your own checklist. Modify this to your needs. Or create a brand new checklist!

It is possible to include pre-defined values in your checklist. For instance a region, activity, object number of license. The inspector can simply choose in the App's scroll down menu during the inspection. By using this feature you are enabled to create more in depth analyses.

Improve with our non conformity module!

Use Easy to Inspect to manage the corrective actions upon the non conformances that were detected during your inspections. Show evidence to management, authorities, auditors etc that you take actions and improve. All users can address responsible persons to take action upon non-conformances. All users can send an action request by email to anyone (even no Easy to Inspect users). With a simple hyperlink received via email, the action taker can finish his/her action. Each user of Easytoinspect can furthermore, follow-up action completion and print action status overviews.

Create Management Analyses!

Easy to Inspect’s distinguishing feature is that it enables you to carry out analyses of the conducted inspections. At the push of a button, any professional or consultant immediately has valuable information available that can be used for problem analysis or in management reports.

You can analyse the outcomes periodically for frequent problem areas and causes. In the analysis function you can select the reports of one or multiple users. You can also select time frames and use your filters for indepth analyses.

Use the pdf format analysis tables and diagrams for management reports or export your tables and diagrams to Excel to process them otherwise. Fast and efficient!



For whom

Easy to Inspect is designed for conducting internal business checks, inspections and audits. For all these areas Easy to Inspect  supplies checklists: behaviour, transport, quality, environment, security, food safety, medical or safety.

Easy to Inspect  is a useful tool that assists you during inspections, checks and audits required for your certification (e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, TAPA, HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, OHSAS, SCC), permits (environment, safety) and regulations (safety, ADR, ISPS, C-TPAT, AEO).

Easy to Inspect  can be used by professionals (e.g. quality manager, safety co-ordinator, medical specialist), but also by the manager (e.g. team leader, foreman, site manager) and advisor or consultant.

Easy to Inspect can be used in all branches of industry . Wherever the user has a smartphone or tablet available, Easy to Inspect  can be used. The app works offline, so even when you do not have an internet connection, the inspection can be conducted. The results can be forwarded later when a connection is available (3G/4G of Wifi).


Our product is designed to be “easy”. We aim to let all functions work as you would expect. Use are useful 'How it Works'-guidance to get familiar with all features of our complete inspection solution. Something is unclear? Contact us!

We provide online support on our product.

If you would like to get help in the development of your inspection system, use our Inspection consultant. We are happy to give advise on the design of your inspection system, the use of Easy to Inspect and the improvement of your checklists.

Promotional action: When you subscribe to Easy to Inspect before 1 July 2016 we offer an hour free remote advice!

Your own checklists and standard Easy to Inspect checklists!

With Easy to Inspect you can create your own checklists, and make use of the many standard Easy to Inspect checklists. For the following areas Easy to Inspect supplies checklists: safety, behaviour, security, transport, quality, environment, food safety and medical.

We add new checklists on a continuous basis. Also on your demand. In case of any specific wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us sales@easytoinspect.com

Following checklists are already available:

  • 5-S internal audit
  • 5S inspection
  • Dangerous goods transport vehicle check
  • AED check
  • AEO 7 item loading check
  • BBS (un)loading (Cefic)
  • Behaviour Based Safety Container depot employees
  • Behaviour Based Safety general checklist
  • Behaviour Based Safety driver
  • Behaviour Based Safety tank cleaning employee
  • Behavior Based Food Safety
  • Behaviour Based Safety warehouse employee
  • CCTV
  • Construction-site office check
  • Driver audit
  • Clean desk checklist
  • Pre start checklist transport
  • Depot assessment
  • Depot assessment; part Cleaning
  • Depot assessment; part Container handling
  • Depot assessment; part Repair
  • First Aid inspection list
  • Dangerous goods storage
  • Good Distribution Practices warehouse inspection
  • Forklift / Reachtruck
  • Hoisting of persons with suspended basket
  • Food Service Industrie audit: Serve and or display
  • Food Service Industry audit: Waste handling and pest control
  • Food Service Industry audit: Tap
  • Food Service Industry: Site hygiene
  • Food Service Industry audit: Storage
  • Food Service Industrie audit: Personal hygiene
  • Food Service Industrie audit: Product receipt
  • Food Service Industrie audit: Re-chilling
  • Food Service Industry audit: Training and instructions
  • Food Service Industrie audit: Food preparation
  • Internal inspection double hulled tank
  • Internal inspection single hulled tank
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Climbing equipment
  • Temperature controlled storage hygiene
  • Quality and safety inspection maintenance services
  • LMRA
  • LMRA electrical
  • Trailer / container checklist
  • Site security
  • Unloading site safety check (Responsible Care)
  • Safety of machinery
  • Report unsafe situation / act
  • Unsafety report
  • Environmental inspection
  • Environmental emergency drill evaluation
  • Unmanned fuelstations
  • Maintenance work shop inspection
  • Pest control management
  • Evacuation drill evaluation
  • Storage of hazardous substances in cabinets and safes
  • SQAS driver interview
  • Cleaning check
  • Shift check metal detection check food / pharma
  • Prestart meeting
  • TAPA TSR annual vehicle check level 1
  • TAPA TSR annual vehicle check level 2
  • TAPA TSR annual vehicle check level 3
  • Truck / Trailer pre start checklist
  • Solid bulk trailer loading
  • Solid bulk trailer unloading
  • Safe hoisting
  • Liquid loading (bottom loading)
  • Liquid bulk loading (toploading)
  • Inspection liquid tight floors
  • Infection prevention behaviour check dental practice
  • Infection prevention cleaning check of dental practice
  • Warehouse hygiene
  • Workplace hygiene checklist
  • Workplace inspection (special) transport
  • Workplace inspection (general)
  • Workplace inspection construction
  • Workplace inspection chemical industry
  • Workplace inspection removals / relocations
  • Work permits