Privacy Statement

Easy to Inspect offers a SAAS solution for conducting, managing and analysing inspections. This includes a digital archiving solution for inspection-reports during a period of time agreed upon with Easy to Inspect clients.

We process following personal data, which we consider to be as low risk:

Furthermore, we record the use (of the different features) of Easy to Inspect and analyse this data for improvement and development purposes. This data is not to trace back to personal data of individual users but is limited to company user accounts.

We use the personal data only for maintaining the relation with the customer and informing individual users about maintenance, support and new release issues. We don’t issue or sell any personal data to third parties.

The administrator of the clients account can deactivate users and after that, anonymise the personal data in order to keep the inspections results available for analysis or other purposes.


Terms of Service

Please find our terms of service here:



Easy to Inspect will process the data provided by its clients within the EU/EEA  and has implemented various security measures to protect the application and the data in the  company account. Easy to Inspect is desgined with privacy by design as baseline. For more information please see our data processing agreement:


Ein Abonnement von Easy to Inspect hat eine Laufzeit von 12 Monaten. Wir werden Sie vor Ablauf der Laufzeit des Abonnements informieren. Für Ihre Bequemlichkeit verlängern wir Ihr Abonnement automatisch. Sie können dies selbst mit Ihren Firmendaten ausschalten.